The conception of human life as a pilgrimage is common to many peoples and traditions. In fact , the road is one of the four or five major primary metaphors , which belong to the cultural heritage of all time . It is an archetypal symbol , already present in the most ancient civilizations and the deep psyche of human beings, and that is reflected in everyday expressions relating to so-called ” way of life” .

That allows you to define man as a “roaming animal.” Hence the consideration of “life as pilgrimage” is linked in many cultures and religions with the idea of ​​transcendent origin of man , while considering the trips and falls of walkers as a representation of their faults , deficiencies and errors . The desire or aspiration to return to the initial state of innocence or purity , gives the man a character ‘alien in this earthly life, ” while his condition reminds transient and perishable every step of it.

The poet León Felipe expressed as few of the pilgrimage experience in the following verses of Romero only :

Being in the rosemary life
Rosemary just always crosses new ground.
Being in the rosemary life
no other job , no other name without people.
Be in life … romero romero only .
Not to do things callus or the soul or the body,
go through it once, and once only slight ,
Light , always light .